Outrageous Ruling: Fed Judge Slaps Down Arizona Law on Police Filming

In a move that has conservatives across the nation scratching their heads, a federal judge has ruled against an Arizona law that limits how close the public can be to police officers while recording them. That’s right folks, now you can practically stick your camera lens up the nose of any cop you see without any consequences. What a time to be alive!

U.S. District Judge John J. Tuchi, clearly under the spell of liberal brainwashing, claimed that the law violated citizens’ rights to film police officers in action. Well, Judge Tuchi, last time we checked, the First Amendment didn’t cover stalking or obstructing justice. But I guess those pesky details don’t matter to you.

It’s truly mind-boggling that a judge would think this law is unnecessary. Have you seen the news lately? It’s filled with stories of law enforcement being harassed and threatened while trying to do their jobs. And now, thanks to this ruling, it’s open season on our brave men and women in blue.

But it gets worse, folks. Not only did Tuchi place a temporary injunction on the law last year, but now he’s making it permanent. It’s like he wants chaos and anarchy to reign supreme. Maybe he should take a stroll through the streets of Chicago at night and see how safe he feels then.

This ruling comes after a lawsuit filed by the Associated Press and the ACLU, two organizations known for their disdain of law and order. It’s no surprise that they would challenge a law meant to protect our police officers. And sadly, this ruling is just another example of how the radical left wants to undermine our justice system.

It’s time for conservatives to stand up and fight back against this assault on our police. We can’t let the liberal agenda destroy the very fabric of our society. So grab your cameras and get ready to film, because the left wants to turn every police encounter into a viral video. And we can’t let that happen.


Written by Staff Reports

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