Poll Finds 40% of Voters Fear Second US Civil War Within Five Years

A recent poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports revealed that many voters, about four out of ten, think that there could be a second civil war in America in the next five years. Although around half of likely voters believe a civil war won’t happen, over 40 percent of the people surveyed think that there might be some sort of internal conflict in the next five years.

It is alarming that 16 percent of likely voters think a civil war is very likely to happen in the next five years, with an additional 25 percent saying it is somewhat likely. While a small majority of voters believe it is not very likely or not likely at all, 10 percent mentioned they are unsure about this possibility. This shows a concerning lack of unity and faith in the stability of the country.

The poll also asked about potential triggers for a civil war. Surprisingly, 37 percent of respondents stated that they believe a civil war is more likely if President Biden wins re-election in November, while 25 percent said the same for a Trump victory. Another 30 percent of voters do not consider the 2024 election outcome to impact the possibility of a civil war. This division in opinions shows the deep political divide in the country.

Looking back to 2018, it was found that about 31 percent of likely voters believed that there would be a second civil war in the United States within the following five years. The fact that this sentiment has persisted and even increased over time is concerning for the country’s future.

This increasing fear and anticipation of potential civil unrest are worrying signs of the deep divisions and tensions within American society. It is crucial for leaders and citizens alike to work towards unity and understanding to prevent such dire predictions from becoming reality.

Written by Staff Reports

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