POLL: Majority of Americans Doubt Joe Biden Could Finish Second Term

Another day, another poll that proves what conservatives have been saying for years. A whopping 61% of Americans, including 35% of woke Democrats, believe that frail, old Joe Biden couldn’t make it through a second term in office. According to a recent Harvard Caps/Harris poll that polled 2,004 Americans online between May 17 and May 18, only 39% of Americans believe Joe Biden could actually serve a full second term in office. That’s a staggering lack of support!

This isn’t just a conservative opinion; even Democrats know that Biden can’t hack it in office. They’re practically begging Vice President Kamala Harris to take over for him. And that’s not all – 57% of Americans expressed doubts about Biden’s mental capacity and 65% agree that he’s showing he’s too old for the job. How many more signs do we need that it’s time for Joe Biden to admit that he’s lost his touch?

Despite all of this, Biden refuses to take a mental acuity test. We all know that if he did take the test, he would fail it miserably. That’s why he’s avoiding it like the plague. Nikki Haley and Donald Trump are spot on – Biden needs to take the test already! The fact that he’s avoiding it is just further proof that he’s not up to the job.

It’s time for Joe Biden to admit that he’s out of his depth and his cognitive abilities are severely lacking. He needs to put the country first and step down from the presidency. Otherwise, Kamala Harris will have to step up and take over for him – which is not what Americans signed up for when they cast their vote. It’s time for Biden to admit that the presidency is just a little too tough for him and leave it to someone more competent!

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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