Poll Pain: Independents Give Harris Thumbs Down as Trust Slides

The Washington Examiner’s Rewrite: Vice President Kamala Harris struggles to gain trust among independent voters, new poll shows

Vice President Kamala Harris is facing an uphill battle as she tries to win over swing voters and independent Americans. A recent poll by USA Today and Suffolk University reveals that a majority of registered voters, 52%, have a negative view of Harris’s performance as President Joe Biden’s second-in-command. Only 36% approve of her handling of the role, a lower rating than President Biden’s own 41% approval.

Digging into the poll numbers further, it’s clear that critical voting blocs necessary for a successful Biden-Harris reelection are expressing doubts about Harris’s qualifications for the job. Among independents, 56% are skeptical, as well as 37% of black voters and 48% of Hispanic voters.

One independent voter, 75-year-old Sandra Luby from Ohio, voiced her skepticism, suggesting that Harris’s selection was based on her race and gender. Luby expressed disappointment that Harris’s ability to articulate herself seemed to be the sole qualification for the job. She’s not alone in her doubts.

Both Biden and Harris are facing increasing concerns from independent voters, who could play a pivotal role in determining the election’s outcome. Democratic leaders are worried about the potential impact of a third-party candidacy, with fears of splitting the vote and helping former President Donald Trump win a second term.

Despite Harris’s struggles with independent and swing voters, she continues to enjoy strong support from her Democratic base. A whopping 76% of Democratic voters approve of her performance, although President Biden outshines her with an 84% approval rate. Harris’s strongest backing comes from black voters, with 51% approving of her work, while 39% of Hispanic voters and 33% of white voters feel the same. Overall, Harris maintains a 59% approval among black voters, but only 37% among Hispanic voters and 34% among white voters.

One independent black voter, 52-year-old Rick Davis from Florida, is a vocal supporter of Harris, lauding her efforts as “excellent.” According to Davis, he closely follows Harris’s activities on Instagram and is impressed by her work.

These poll results underscore the challenges that Vice President Harris faces as she seeks to expand her appeal beyond her core supporters and win over crucial swing voters.

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