Portland NBC Gaffe Dredges Up Racist Past Amid Election Fury!

Portland’s NBC affiliate recently made a huge boo-boo that has stirred up quite the controversy. During a segment called “The Good Stuff,” which is supposed to be all sunshine and rainbows, they showed a photo from the 1950s featuring some deeply offensive racist LANGUAGE and imagery. Yikes!

The segment usually showcases “throwback” photos sent in by viewers, but this time, the fourth image took a sharp turn towards offensive territory. Not-so-shockingly, the photo was swiftly condemned for being as cringeworthy as it was shameful.

After the incident, KGW-TV had no choice but to issue a lengthy apology, expressing deep regret and acknowledging the immense pain caused by the image. They even went as far as holding a meeting with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and local black leaders to discuss the incident. But will an apology suffice, or does something more need to be done to ensure this never happens again? Only time will tell.

The Deputy Managing Editor of ‘The Western Journal’ sounded the alarm about the dire importance of the 2024 election and the need to fight for the country. According to him, without the support of concerned citizens, the battle against the “lying leftist media” and “corrupt America-hating elites” will be an uphill one. Apparently, donations are the secret weapon in this fight to “expose more corruption” and spread “desperately needed truth to millions of Americans.” Sounds pretty intense, doesn’t it?

So Portland has its fair share of controversies, but perhaps the 2024 election is the bigger fish to fry. With so much at stake, which battle will take center stage in the coming days? The city’s fate? The country’s fate? Time will tell, folks! So, what say you, good people? Will you join this dogfight, or sit it out and watch from the sidelines?

Written by Staff Reports

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