Pro-Palestinian Protestors Attack Pelosi During Europe Tour

Pro-Palestinian protestors have been causing a ruckus during U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Europe. They even went so far as to call her a “war criminal” and rejected her support for Israel, claiming it is not in their DNA. These protestors are very upset with Pelosi for standing by Israel, especially after a recent terrorist attack by Hamas.

Pelosi’s attempts to appease the protestors have not been successful. Even during her speech at University College Dublin in Ireland, a student interrupted her by calling her a “Zionist and a war criminal.” The student was escorted out by security. A similar incident occurred at Oxford University in England, where a student unfurled a pro-Palestinian flag while Pelosi was speaking, calling her a “warmonger.”

It is surprising that Pelosi has even advocated for a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine, as well as calling for the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Despite these concessions, the protests against her have only escalated, both in America and overseas.

It is important for leaders like Nancy Pelosi to stand strong in their support for allies like Israel, especially in the face of terrorist threats. These protestors attacking Pelosi are misguided in their beliefs and need to understand the importance of standing together with democratic nations against terrorism.

Written by Staff Reports

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