Psaki in Hot Water for Disgraceful ‘Coal’ Remark about Unborn Babies!

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki received a well-deserved thrashing on social media after making a ludicrous comparison between unborn babies and lumps of coal and broccoli. Psaki’s comments were made during a discussion on the rebranding of the pro-life movement, and she seemed to be mocking the idea of calling babies “pro-baby.” Psaki’s analogy fell flat, as comparing an innocent human life to a vegetable or a dirty rock is not only insensitive but also demeaning.

It’s no surprise that Psaki’s remarks were met with severe backlash. Pro-life advocates and concerned citizens alike took to social media to express their outrage. One Twitter user questioned if Psaki thinks all babies are unimportant. Another pointed out the hypocrisy of the left, stating that while they are quick to condemn gun ownership due to a few yearly shootings, they seem to disregard the millions of unborn babies who are tragically killed every year through abortion.

Psaki’s attempt to dismiss the concerns of those who value the sanctity of life by comparing unborn babies to inanimate objects is not only offensive, but it also reveals a disturbing disregard for human life. It is crucial to remember that every unborn child is a unique individual with inherent dignity and worth. Psaki’s disrespectful and callous remarks only serve to highlight the deep divide between the pro-life movement and those who support abortion rights.

Written by Staff Reports

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