Rep. Mace Shakes D.C. Elite: The Outspoken Maverick’s Top 5 Mic Drops!

In the topsy-turvy world of Congress, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) has been hogging the spotlight all year with her brazen antics and straight talk. She’s been causing a ruckus left and right, and conservatives everywhere are cheering her on. Here are five times this South Carolina firecracker grabbed the political limelight and gave a good ole kick in the pants to the status quo.

First off, at the 13th Annual South Carolina Prayer Breakfast, Mace dropped a joke that was juicier than a ripe peach. She ruffled some feathers with a saucy little quip about turning down some lovin’ from her fiance in favor of making an appearance at the breakfast bash. Some folks got their knickers in a twist over it, but Mace shot back, saying she’s no saint and she goes to church to ask for forgiveness, not because she’s perfect.

Then, Mace shook things up by smacking down Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and his shiny speaker’s gavel. When it came time to vote him out on his tush, Mace was right there with her hand raised high. But get this, she didn’t do it for the reasons the other GOP big shots did. 

Next, Mace flipped the script and made a grand entrance to a GOP meeting wearing a big, bold scarlet letter “A” on her shirt. You know, like Hester Prynne in that old novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne. She made it crystal clear that she answers to the people, not the D.C. bigwigs, and she won’t be bullied into silence.

And don’t even get her started on Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA). Mace stuck it to him for cozying up to a white supremacist group, making it clear that she couldn’t in good conscience vote for him to be the next speaker of the House. Instead, she threw her support behind Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a move that had the Washington elite clutching their pearls.

Mace has been barking up a storm about digging into Hunter Biden’s business dealings like a dog with a bone. She’s been demanding a deposition of ol’ Hunter, claiming it’s the best way to uncover all the shady business and prove once and for all what the Biden family has been up to. She’s been baying for more than one deposition, wanting to sniff out every last money trail and WhatsApp message like a dog on the hunt.


Written by Staff Reports

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