REPORT: Majority of Women Would Choose Life with More Support

A new study by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, a pro-life non-profit, has confirmed what many conservatives have been saying for years: emotional and financial support can help deter women from having abortions. According to the report, 60% of women who had abortions would have chosen life for their baby if they had received more emotional or financial support.

The respondents of the survey, who were surveyed in October 2022, also revealed that 24% of them felt coerced or pressured into having the procedure, meaning that the decision was not entirely theirs. Only 33% of women stated that they actively wanted the abortion, whilst the remaining 43% said it was inconsistent with their values but chose to have it.

What’s more, the conservative world will not be surprised to hear that the Lozier Institute report found that abortion has negative impacts on a woman’s mental health. The study found that only the 33% of women who wanted the abortion reported “positive emotions or mental health gains” following the procedure, whereas the remaining women experienced negative impacts on their mental health.

Tessa Longbons, a co-author of the report, lamented that many women feel like they have no choice but to undergo an abortion because their circumstances have driven them to do so. The pro-life movement wants to change that and ensure that no woman feels the pressure to have an abortion because she has no other choice, she said.

This study is big news for the pro-life movement. It provides solid evidence for backing up what conservatives have been saying for years – that the pro-choice movement tries to sell abortion as an easy solution for women, when, in reality, abortion can have a harmful impact on a woman’s mental health, increase poverty rates, and deprive society of valuable human life.

Written by Staff Reports

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