RNC Demands Trump Loyalty Pledge for Debate Entry: GOP Unites or Splits?

The Republican National Committee has once again shown its unwavering support for former President Donald Trump by refusing to allow any presidential candidate to participate in the party’s first debate in August unless they pledge to support Trump as the eventual nominee. This comes in light of a complaint made by former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, who met with members of the RNC to say that requiring support for a “convicted felon” was unacceptable.

In response to the complaint, the RNC has stated that candidates must only “respect the decision of Republican primary voters and support the eventual nominee.” Senior adviser Richard Walters went on to claim that candidates complaining about this pledge to the press should reconsider whether they should even be running.

The RNC’s decision to stand by Trump has been met with criticism by some, who claim that the party is unfairly favoring the former president. In particular, Governor Hutchinson has refused to support Trump if he is convicted of any of the 37 charges currently pending against him, including espionage. Hutchinson has called for a little “rationality” in the RNC’s requirements for support.

Despite this, none of the other Republican candidates have come out in support of Hutchinson’s stance. Even the former Vice President and Republican hopeful Mike Pence’s campaign has praised the presence of Trump at the debate, claiming it will make for “good contrast.”

The RNC has not only stood firm in its support for Trump, but also requires Republican contenders to demonstrate grassroots support and meet national polling benchmarks. The party has been accused of favoring President Trump over other candidates, but the reality is that he is currently leading his nearest competitor by nearly 40 points. The RNC knows that Trump is the best option for the future of the Republican Party, and it will continue to support him no matter what the outcome of his legal battles may be.

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