Secret Plan Uncovered: No Labels Conspiring to Block 2024 Trump-Biden Victory!

Opposition to No Labels is accusing the third-party organization of playing favorites and trying to keep President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump out of the White House in 2024. The group has been trying to court Sen. Joe Manchin as its candidate, but they may be changing their strategy. A slide in a new presentation shows that having a Republican as the front-runner in a three-way race in eight battleground states gives the third-party group their “best chance of winning.”

Now, this is interesting because it means that even No Labels recognizes that Republicans have a better shot at winning these states than their own chosen candidate. It’s a big admission on their part and shows that they’re willing to put their partisan biases aside if it means they have a better chance of winning. But what’s really hilarious is that even with this new strategy, Biden would only win one of these states, Pennsylvania, by a measly 7 points. And in a Biden vs. Trump race, he would only win Pennsylvania by a 5+ point lead. It’s clear that even No Labels doesn’t have much faith in Biden’s popularity.

Of course, critics of No Labels are up in arms about this new strategy. They accuse the organization of trying to play “kingmaker” and prevent either Trump or Biden from getting enough Electoral College votes to win. They claim that No Labels wants to be able to cut a deal and promise their electors’ support to whichever major party candidate they think is more worthy. But let’s be honest, Third Way and their allies are just upset because they know that a contingent election in the House of Representatives would favor Republicans and possibly elect Trump. They’re afraid of chaos, but what they’re really afraid of is losing.

No Labels isn’t backing down, though. Their chief strategist called the claim of a “secret plan” a conspiracy theorist’s fever dream. He says that No Labels is getting on the 2024 presidential ballot to win the election outright, not to cause chaos. And they haven’t even decided who will be on their Unity ticket yet. So all these critics can keep spreading their conspiracy theories, but No Labels believes it’s the commonsense majority of Americans who will ultimately choose the next president. And I have to agree with them. Let the people decide, not the elites and the conspiracy theorists.

Written by Staff Reports

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