Shark Tank’s O’Leary Slams CNN, Defends Real Estate Amid Trump Fallout

In a fiery showdown on CNN, Kevin O’Leary, the famous face from “Shark Tank,” fiercely defended the real estate industry amidst the fallout from Donald Trump’s recent legal troubles in New York. O’Leary wasted no time in blasting CNN’s Laura Coates for suggesting fraud was at play, adamantly stating, “What fraud? This isn’t about Trump anymore!”

With gusto, O’Leary painted a vivid picture of the everyday practices in real estate, highlighting how developers frequently seek loans based on property valuations. He argued that penalizing developers for discrepancies in valuations, as seen in the case involving Trump, would set a dangerous precedent that could harm the entire industry.

O’Leary didn’t hold back in expressing his concerns about the impact of the verdict on New York’s business climate. He warned that such rulings could drive away investors, painting New York as unfriendly to businesses and overly litigious. O’Leary even went as far as declaring a personal boycott of New York City over the ruling, labeling the state a “loser state” akin to California due to its policies and taxes.

The ruling against Trump, which mandates hefty financial penalties and a three-year business ban in New York, has sent shockwaves through the business world. The New York Attorney General’s accusations of fraudulent activities, including inflating asset values for financial gain, have put Trump in legal jeopardy. Despite Trump’s protestations of innocence, the court’s findings have serious implications for his future business dealings.

As Trump prepares to face a criminal trial – a first for a former president – for alleged falsification of business records, the legal battle shows no sign of abating. This latest chapter in Trump’s legal saga underscores the high-stakes nature of the case and the potential consequences for his once-flourishing business empire.

Written by Staff Reports

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