Shock Ad Slams Gov. Beshear: School Freedom Fund Stands up to Tyranny!

The School Freedom Fund is taking aim at Gov. Andy Beshear (D-KY) for his crime policies, which have become a focal point for Republicans across the country due to the rising crime rates in several Democratic-controlled cities and states. In an effort to target Beshear’s release of criminals during the COVID-19 pandemic as he campaigns for reelection in 2023, the organization, in partnership with Club for Growth Action, plans to release a second 30-second TV ad. The ad, titled “Signature,” focuses on the case of Ashley Lewis, a woman whose sentence was commuted by Beshear in August 2020, only for her to be arrested four months later for her involvement in a fatal shooting.

This ad campaign by the School Freedom Fund highlights the dangers of Beshear’s decision to release criminals, especially during a time of heightened public safety concerns. By choosing to commute the sentences of individuals like Ashley Lewis, who went on to commit another serious crime, Beshear is showing a lack of regard for the safety and well-being of Kentuckians. This is a clear example of the misguided priorities of Democratic leaders who prioritize the concerns of criminals over the safety of law-abiding citizens.

David McIntosh, president of School Freedom Fund, expressed his disappointment in Beshear’s actions, accusing him of betraying Kentucky victims and residents by releasing criminals early. McIntosh rightly points out that Beshear’s decision to prioritize the interests of radical, pro-criminal, and anti-family groups showcases his alignment with the far-left agenda, rather than focusing on the priorities of the voters he represents. This is a concerning trend among Democratic politicians who seem to prioritize the demands of socialist education bureaucrats, like Randi Weingarten, over the needs of their constituents.

Beshear’s opponent in the upcoming gubernatorial race, Daniel Cameron, has made Beshear’s crime policies a central focus of his campaign, emphasizing the need for strong law enforcement and opposing gun control reform. Cameron recognizes the importance of public safety and has unveiled a comprehensive public safety plan that aims to support law enforcement officers and hold criminals accountable. This stark contrast between Cameron’s pro-law enforcement stance and Beshear’s dangerous approach to crime highlights the clear choice that voters have in the upcoming election.

As the November 7th general election approaches, it is crucial for Kentuckians to consider the impact of Beshear’s crime policies and the potential consequences of his decisions. The rising crime rates across the country underscore the need for strong leadership and a commitment to public safety. Beshear’s actions have shown a lack of understanding and a misguided approach to criminal justice, making it clear that a change in leadership is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of Kentucky residents. It is time for voters to support candidates like Daniel Cameron, who prioritize the needs of law-abiding citizens and are committed to keeping communities safe.

Written by Staff Reports

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