Shocking Bribery Scandal: AZ GOP Chair Tries to Sink Kari Lake’s Senate Run

In a shocking exclusive report from the Daily Mail, it has been alleged that the chair of the Arizona Republican Party, Jeff DeWit, attempted to bribe former gubernatorial candidate and current U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake. According to an audio recording obtained by the Daily Mail, DeWit can be heard trying to convince Lake to accept money in exchange for temporarily stepping away from politics. He claims that there are powerful forces who want to keep her out of the political arena.

If these allegations are true, it raises a number of troubling questions. Who are these “very powerful people” that DeWit is referring to? And why would they want Lake to avoid seeking another political office? It seems possible that these powerful individuals did not want her to run in the same election season as former President Donald Trump, as they may have felt that her presence would diminish Trump’s influence over the base. Alternatively, they may have believed that a candidate aligned with the MAGA movement like Lake would not stand a chance in the election and preferred to put forward a different candidate.

What is clear from the audio recording is that both DeWit and Lake express concerns about potential violent repercussions. Lake mentions being afraid of someone attempting to have her murdered, while DeWit implies that his car could be rigged with explosives. These disturbing revelations only add to the sense of intrigue surrounding the alleged bribery attempt.

Following the incident, Lake spoke about it during her CPAC 2023 speech, expressing her disgust at the ugly side of politics. She revealed that someone had come to her door and offered her bribes in an attempt to push her out of the political arena. As a mother involved in politics, she felt targeted and disgusted by the whole ordeal.

Regardless of the specifics of this case, the audio recording provides a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes machinations of American politics. It is disheartening to see that some powerful figures are willing to bribe individuals to shape elections in their desired direction. This should be deeply troubling to Republican voters who care about having a say in the selection of their candidates.

If those “very powerful people” truly did not want Lake to run for Senate, there were other legitimate options available. They could have supported another candidate in the primaries and attempted to sway Arizona Republicans to vote for them. Instead, they resorted to underhanded tactics and backroom deals, completely disregarding the will of the voters. This blatant attempt to undermine the democratic process should anger every conservative voter. It’s time for some accountability within the party, and for these powerful figures to be held responsible for their actions.

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