Shocking Percentage of Voters Ready to Boot Biden Over Bribery!

The Hunter Biden laptop saga continues to unravel, and the latest bombshell comes in the form of the FD-1023 report from the FBI. According to the report, Joe and Hunter Biden allegedly received a whopping $5 million each after allegedly coercing Burisma Holdings into making the transaction. All in return for access and legal protection, of course. This isn’t just hearsay, folks. There’s a ledger and audio recordings to back up these claims.

But that’s not all. Hunter’s laptop is like a treasure trove of corruption. There are over 170 suspicious activity reports from six different banks, all pointing to shady financial dealings by the Biden family. It seems like they set up more shell companies than a hermit crab convention to funnel all that dirty money. Well, well, well, looks like we’re finally closing in on this guy.

And what do the American people think about all this? According to a recent poll, a strong majority believes that if the allegations are true, Joe Biden should be out of office faster than a kid on the last day of school. Sixty-three percent of those polled said Biden should either be impeached or resign immediately. Only 20% said he should stay and run again in 2024. Even within his own party, there’s doubt about his ability to weather this storm. Forty-five percent of Democrats think he should go, compared to only 35% who want him to stay. Ouch.

But let’s not forget about Biden’s other problems. His approval ratings are in the toilet, and people are feeling the pinch of inflation every time they buy groceries. The country is headed in the wrong direction, and Biden’s re-election prospects are looking bleaker by the day. Between his mental and physical health issues and the emerging bribery scandal, there’s a real chance that Trump could come out on top. Oh, the horror for the left!

In conclusion, folks, it’s not looking good for ol’ Joe. The evidence against the Bidens keeps piling up, and the American people are losing faith. It’s time for Biden to face the music and step aside. The country needs a leader who can actually do the job, not someone who’s constantly stumbling and bumbling their way through. Goodbye, Biden, and good riddance.

Written by Staff Reports

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