South Carolina Star Avoids Transgender Athlete Query Amid Celebration

South Carolina women’s basketball star Kamilla Cardoso, known for her strength on the court, recently dodged a question about transgender men playing women’s sports during a celebration for her team’s national championship win over Iowa. The 6-foot-7 center managed to just enjoy the moment and stay focused on the celebrations and upcoming WNBA draft despite the controversial topic. South Carolina coach Dawn Staley voiced her support for men who identify as transgender females playing women’s basketball, sparking a dialogue on the issue.

At the celebration event at a Raising Cane’s eatery, Cardoso deflected the question about transgender men in women’s sports and instead spoke about having fun and serving people at the eatery. She remained focused on her upcoming WNBA draft and the celebrations with her teammates. However, the controversy surrounding the topic persists as some individuals, like Riley Gaines, have been vocal about their disagreement with allowing men in women’s sports.

Gaines expressed her opposition to Staley’s support for men in women’s sports, stressing the differences between men’s and women’s basketball in terms of speed and physicality. She also criticized the notion of inclusion in women’s sports, emphasizing the intentional exclusivity of the women’s category. As Cardoso prepares for the WNBA draft, the debate over transgender men in women’s sports continues to spark discussions and disagreements among athletes and advocates.

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