Biden Tries to Mend Fences with Sharpton Amid Menthol Ban Flap

President Joe Biden is set to address the National Action Network, led by the notorious stirrer Al Sharpton, after facing backlash for missing a deadline to ban menthol cigarettes, a move that the group vehemently opposed. Sharpton, founding father of the National Action Network, has a history of fighting against flavored cigars and menthol cigarettes, arguing that these bans could unfairly target racial minorities. Biden’s Food and Drug Administration proposed a menthol ban in April 2022 but failed to meet the March deadline to finalize it, leaving many questioning the administration’s determination.

In an attempt to win back black voters, who seem to be shifting their support toward the seasoned Donald Trump, Biden aims to highlight his strides in reducing racial inequality. However, he won’t be fielding any tough questions from attendees after his speech, a decision that raises eyebrows, especially given the controversial topic at hand.

Despite missing the April 1 deadline, the FDA claims to be forging ahead with the menthol ban before the next election. They insist that the ban remains one of their top priorities, but their missed deadline does little to inspire confidence. Some, including Sharpton and law enforcement groups, argue that banning menthol cigarettes could result in an underground market and potentially lead to more police encounters. Critics also point out that the National Action Network has pocketed donations from big tobacco in the past, raising questions about their genuine concern for public health.

It seems that President Biden is cozying up to Sharpton and his crew, but with missed deadlines and a pandering attitude, it’s uncertain whether his actions will win back the voters he so desperately desires. And with the election drawing nearer, time is running out for Biden to convince the public that he’s not just blowing smoke.

Written by Staff Reports

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