Special Counsel Furiously Digs in Trump’s Social Media: What’s Next?

Last week, it was revealed that the Special Counsel, Jack Smith, was able to get a search warrant to access former and potentially future President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. And folks, it wasn’t just the tweets he was after. Smith wanted it all – the direct messages, the drafted tweets, the deleted tweets, the liked tweets, the retweeted tweets, and even the interactions between Trump’s account and other Twitter accounts. It’s like they were digging through Trump’s digital diary.

Now, the pushback from Twitter, or should I say, X Corp., was real. They were held in contempt of court and slapped with a $350,000 fine back in February. Ouch! But you know what? Twitter lost their appeal, too. So now they have to hand over the goods. But get this, y’all – they couldn’t even tell Trump about it! The Justice Department specifically asked Twitter to keep it on the down-low, worried that some of Trump’s direct messages might be protected by executive privilege. Can you imagine? Jack Smith and the DOJ sneaking around, trying to get all the deets without Trump even knowing.

But let’s not forget about good ol’ Judge Beryl Howell. She was not messing around. She held Twitter in contempt of court and slapped them with that hefty fine. But that wasn’t enough for her. She started speculating about Elon Musk, the former CEO of Twitter, and Trump. She wanted to know if Musk was cozying up to Trump by restoring his account. It’s like Judge Howell was playing detective or something, trying to connect the dots. Honestly, it sounds like she needs a new hobby.

And speaking of Trump, he’s still the Republican frontrunner for the presidential primary. Can you believe it? Despite all the indictments and charges thrown at him by Smith, the guy’s still on top. And let’s not forget about the potential matchup between Trump and President Joe Biden. It’s a close one, folks. Biden’s only ahead by a measly 0.3 points. Looks like 2024 is going to be a nail-biter. Stay tuned, conservatives!

Written by Staff Reports

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