Supreme Court Considers Trump Immunity; Biden Warned by Levin to Watch Closely

The Supreme Court is thinking about a case involving former President Donald Trump and whether past presidents should have immunity from prosecution. President Joe Biden’s administration, through the Justice Department and Special Counsel Jack Smith, strongly disagrees with Trump’s argument.

Conservative commentator Mark Levin warned that Biden should hope Trump wins the immunity case. Levin mentioned alleged crimes committed by Biden while in office that could lead to prosecution after he leaves the presidency. Levin criticized Biden for issues like the border situation, violating federal law, and sharing classified information.

In Levin’s opinion, Biden should be concerned about potentially facing prosecution if the Supreme Court rules against Trump’s claim of immunity. Levin raised concerns about Biden’s actions related to border security, his threats towards Israel, and retaining classified documents after leaving office.

The article points out that the Supreme Court seems inclined to grant at least some immunity to former presidents for their official acts. This decision could affect the ongoing criminal prosecutions against Trump and may delay them until after the upcoming presidential election. The article also highlights concerns about potential actions by Biden that could lead to prosecution if the court rules against Trump’s immunity claim.

Written by Staff Reports

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