Supreme Court Hears Trump Case, Graham Warns of Banana Republic Scenario

The highest court in the country, the Supreme Court, listened to arguments about whether or not former President Donald Trump could be charged for things he did after the 2020 election. The decision from the court is still unknown, but one member of the Senate, Lindsey Graham, thinks Trump’s charges should be dropped. Graham is worried that the United States might turn into a country like a “banana republic” if Trump is prosecuted.

Lindsey Graham, a Republican Senator from South Carolina, explained his thoughts during a talk with CNN host Dana Bash. Graham believes that Trump should have immunity like every other president, as long as his actions were related to his role as president. Graham thinks the Supreme Court will send the case back to lower courts to figure out which actions are covered by presidential immunity. He also stressed the importance of protecting the president from legal actions. 


Graham mentioned that there is no complete immunity mentioned in the Constitution but still argued that the president needs protection. He expressed concern about the rise in cases being brought against Trump for political reasons, mentioning a trial in New York that he called an “outrage.” Graham believes these trials are selective and politically motivated to target Trump unfairly.

When asked if he would continue to support Trump even if Trump is found guilty, Graham was quick to say yes. He sees the legal actions against Trump as an abuse of the law. Graham predicts that most voters will focus on their own issues and not on the legal battles brought by liberals against Trump. In his view, people are not interested in what he considers to be politically biased court cases.

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