Team Biden Pounces on “Basement Dweller” Jibe, Brands Trump Campaign Feeble and Flushless

A recent report reveals that President Joe Biden’s aides are taking shots at former President Donald Trump for his unconventional campaign tactics. Throughout the pandemic-era 2020 campaigns, Trump continuously mocked Biden for broadcasting from his basement. Now, Biden’s camp is firing back, ridiculing Trump for not campaigning in the traditional manner since becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

Biden’s team highlighted Trump’s limited appearances outside of Mar-a-Lago and flagged his campaign as weak and cash-strapped. They also pointed out Trump’s controversial remarks at recent rallies, along with his expressed intentions to reform Social Security and implement a national abortion ban. By emphasizing these aspects, the Biden campaign aimed to portray Trump as extreme and out of touch with the nation’s needs.

As Trump faced legal challenges in New York, the Biden camp seized the opportunity to cast aspersions on the former President’s character. Trump’s court appearances have provided fodder for the Biden campaign, with one spokesperson declaring Trump as “weak and desperate” and even disparaging him as both a man and a candidate for president.

Amidst the sniping between the two camps, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris continue to traverse the country, with a particular focus on swing states like North Carolina and Georgia. By highlighting their strategic efforts to expand their electoral map, the Biden campaign aims to position themselves favorably for the upcoming general election.


Written by Staff Reports

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