Ted Cruz Fights for AM Radio in Cars: Free Speech, Conservatism & Emergency Lifelines at Stake!

In an exclusive interview with RedState, Sen. Ted Cruz has come out swinging to defend something near and dear to conservative hearts – AM radio! The Texas senator is championing a bill that would require car manufacturers to keep AM radios in all vehicles. And boy, is he on a roll with this one!

Cruz’s bill, known as The AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act, has already gathered support from 47 co-sponsors and made its way through the Senate’s Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee. It’s now just waiting for a full Senate vote. And why not? Cruz argues that AM radio is a vital part of American culture and should not be tossed aside like yesterday’s news.

While some big shot carmakers like BMW, Mazda, Volkswagen, Tesla, and others are looking to kick AM radio to the curb due to interference issues with electric vehicles, Cruz ain’t having it. He points out that AM radio is a lifeline during emergencies, like hurricanes and tornadoes, where other communication channels may fail. In times of crisis, AM radio is the reliable friend we all need.

But it’s not just about emergencies. Cruz argues that AM radio provides a diverse range of views and opinions, especially conservative ones, which he believes are often censored by so-called Big Business. He sees the move to remove AM radios as another attempt at silencing voices that don’t align with the mainstream narrative. And he’s not standing for it!

The National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters also lent their support to Cruz’s cause, highlighting the importance of AM radio for minority communities. They fear that removing AM radios from vehicles would stifle diverse voices and limit access to crucial news and entertainment programming, especially for Black audiences.

So, in Cruz’s eyes, this is more than just a battle over car radios. It’s a fight for free speech, for conservative values, and for the right of consumers to choose what they want to listen to. And with bipartisan support behind him, Cruz is determined to make sure AM radio stays in our cars for generations to come.

Written by Staff Reports

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