Trans Swimmer Drama: Teammate Exposes Unfair Treatment & Silenced Voices

A former teammate of Will “Lia” Thomas, the biological male who identifies as a “transgender woman” and stole opportunities from females on the University of Pennsylvania’s women’s swim team, has come forward to share her story. Paula Scalan, who appeared in Matt Walsh’s 2022 film “What is a Woman?” anonymously, decided to come forward publicly with her story this week, noting that female athletes, like University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, are being treated unfairly due to transgender athletes. Gaines lost out in an NCAA championship race to Thomas, who was permitted to take the trophy home.

Scalan revealed that the school never gave female athletes their own, closed-door meeting to raise questions and concerns about the situation before sharing a locker room with Thomas. The locker room situation was uncomfortable, with girls avoiding Thomas and changing as quickly as possible. Scalan lamented the fact that the school was effectively silencing female athletes from speaking on the topic. They were even told that their future jobs were at stake if they spoke out and that their opinions were wrong. The team was offered counseling services to accept Thomas swimming, and girls were told not to talk to the media under threat of regret.

Scalan is joining the growing ranks of women who believe that sports should be reserved for biological females. Transgender athletes can be given a separate, open category where they can compete against others who identify as transgender or biological males. FINA, the governing body for swimming, announced that people have to transition well before age 12 to compete in the Olympics, which is quite alarming.

It’s time to pass laws, win cases, and encourage other people to speak up and tell their stories because female athletes are being pitted against transgender athletes without any regard for fairness. Specifically, victories have been secured through court cases like the track case in Connecticut that stopped trans-identifying male students from competing in high school girls’ sports. As Scalan said, “If women can’t speak out about this themselves, then what’s the point of fighting?…This is so much more than yourself.” Let’s hope the authorities listen to these concerns before the world of women’s sports becomes completely unrecognizable.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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