Travis Kelce Channels Inner Hulk, Launches Raven’s Gear Pre-Game

Great news for Taylor Swift fans! In her new breakup song, we won’t have to play detective to figure out who she’s referring to as her “helmet-throwing” ex. Usually, it takes some serious detective work from Swift fans to decipher the meaning behind her breakup songs, but this time it’s crystal clear. And let’s be honest, with Carly Simon’s entire catalogue consisting of “You’re so Vain,” it’s no surprise that Swift’s songs are full of hidden messages. But hey, any speculation equals press, and in this crazy timeline we’re living in, any press is good press. Just ask those Kardashians!

Now, let’s dig into the real story here. Taylor Swift’s soon-to-be ex-boyfriend is none other than Travis Kelce, the talented Kansas City Chiefs tight end. This guy knows how to score both on and off the field. For the fourth time in six seasons, Kelce will be heading to the Super Bowl with his team, after they upset the favored Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game. Kelce’s performance in the game was outstanding, scoring the first touchdown and breaking former wide receiver Jerry Rice’s playoff receptions record.

But before the game, things got a little heated between Kelce and Ravens kicker Justin Tucker during warm-ups. Kelce politely asked Tucker to move, so his quarterback Patrick Mahomes could warm up. Tucker, however, didn’t feel like budging, so Kelce took matters into his own hands and threw Tucker’s helmet and equipment. A little aggressive, maybe, but hey, it got the job done. And this was just one of the many tense moments between the two teams in the lead-up to the game.

While the AFC Championship game wasn’t as nail-biting as the NFC Championship, it still had its fair share of excitement. The Chiefs controlled most of the game, and even though Tucker kicked a field goal to bring the Ravens within seven points, Kansas City was able to run out the clock and secure their spot in the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers made a remarkable comeback to beat the Detroit Lions, setting up a Super Bowl rematch from two years ago.

So, get ready for more coverage of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift in the coming weeks. And who knows, maybe we’ll even hear some barbs from Aaron Rodgers, who has playfully nicknamed Kelce “Mr. Pfizer” due to his endorsement deal with the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer. And if Swift ever decides to write a breakup song about Kelce throwing that helmet, we won’t have to put on our detective hats to figure out who she’s talking about.

Written by Staff Reports

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