Trump Ally Preps Battle Against “RINO” Gallagher Over Impeachment Vote!

Alex Bruesewitz has found himself at the center of attention after hinting at a potential run for Congress in his home state of Wisconsin against Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher. The reason for this potential run? Gallagher’s vote against impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Bruesewitz, a political strategist and Trump ally, has been seriously considering the prospect of challenging Gallagher in the upcoming primary elections.

Gallagher, along with a handful of other Republican representatives, opposed the impeachment, which failed with a narrow margin of 214-216. This led to intense backlash against Gallagher, with many criticizing his decision and even going as far as to call for his political career to come to an end. Voices from within the Republican party, such as Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, have expressed their disappointment in Gallagher’s vote and have rallied for a primary challenge against him.

Bruesewitz, in response to the controversy, took to social media to address the speculation about his potential run for Congress. He emphasized that he had not confirmed his candidacy but acknowledged the calls from members of Congress and grassroots leaders urging him to step up and challenge Gallagher. With the support he has garnered, Bruesewitz expressed hope that Gallagher would reconsider his stance and represent the will of his constituents by impeaching Mayorkas.

The flare-up over Gallagher’s vote has ignited a buzz in Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District, with reports indicating Bruesewitz’s intention to hold an event to gauge public sentiment. Critics of Gallagher, including Oconto County Republican chairman Ken Sikor, have condemned his actions, stating that they can no longer support a representative who fails to uphold his constitutional duties and honor the wishes of his constituents.

Political figures and media personalities have also weighed in on the controversy. Conservative talk show host Vikki McKenna labeled Gallagher and those who voted similarly as “feckless, spineless RINOS,” denouncing them for their perceived lack of commitment to conservative principles.


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