Trump, Biden Set for June and September Debates Ahead of Election

It has been agreed that both President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump will take part in debates before November's election. It has been established that CNN and ABC News will present the debates in June and September, respectively. The first debate will be streamed live on CNN's channels, streaming service, and website. It will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 27, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET. The moderators have not yet been revealed, and there will be no audience for the debate. To be eligible to compete, candidates must fulfill a number of requirements, such as being able to serve as president, appearing on ballots in enough states to receive 270 electoral college votes, and receiving at least 15% of the vote in four nationwide surveys.

ABC News has scheduled a debate for September 10 in addition to the June debate; however, the date and eligibility requirements have not yet been disclosed. In order to give voters a chance to hear more from the candidates, the campaign of the former president Trump has proposed holding extra debates in July and August in addition to a vice presidential debate. The announcement of the debates follows months of Trump's insistence that Biden confront him, with the Biden reelection team imposing tight requirements on participation, including no audience and limitations on Trump's statements during Biden's responses.

The necessity for additional avenues for the American people to hear from the candidates has been highlighted by Trump's campaign. The former president has voiced his excitement for the upcoming debates, urging huge venues and saying that there could be more than just two debates to create excitement. This is a work in progress and may be updated with further information.

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