Trump Blasts Biden’s Border Crisis for Soaring Housing Costs and Threatens Tariffs on Foreign Countries

The President Biden-created border crisis is impacting millions of Americans despite the President’s refusal to acknowledge it. Former President Donald Trump has pointed to Biden’s immigration policies as the cause of soaring rent and housing costs, noting that middle-class Americans are now competing with illegal aliens for housing. Trump highlighted the 85 percent increase in the price per square foot since 2019, making it difficult for Americans to achieve the American dream.

The 2024 front-runner compared his immigration plans to Biden’s and urged Americans not to vote for the 81-year-old President. He criticized Biden’s intention to grant voting citizenship to every illegal alien and emphasized his plan to send them back to their home countries. The former President also threatened to impose tariffs on countries that refuse to take back their citizens who are illegally residing in the U.S.

Biden’s immigration policies, as described by Trump, have created turmoil in the country, with resources such as jobs and housing being taken over by illegal aliens at the expense of U.S. citizens. These factors, as highlighted by Trump, serve as evidence of the negative impact of Biden’s approach to immigration.

Written by Staff Reports

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