Trump, DeSantis Reconcile at Florida Meeting, Discuss Future Collaboration

Former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have seemingly put aside their differences after a challenging Republican primary. Trump took to his Truth Social account to express his happiness with the full and enthusiastic support of Gov. DeSantis. The two leaders arranged a meeting, facilitated by a mutual friend at a beach club in Hollywood, Florida. Trump indicated that they discussed working together to make America great again and the bright future of Florida. 


The former president also thanked the governor for his support and emphasized the importance of the upcoming November election. The Washington Post reported on the meeting and speculated about DeSantis potentially being a running mate for Trump. Both men had their own reasons for the meeting; Trump could benefit from access to DeSantis’s donor network and energizing Republicans, while DeSantis may see a closer relationship with Trump as advantageous for his political future.

DeSantis has been considered a potential running mate for Trump, and there have been reports of other figures gaining traction in that regard. The former president has shown favor toward North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who could potentially help Trump connect with undecided voters. Trump took to his Truth Social account to highlight Burgum’s stance on international relations.

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Written by Staff Reports

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