Trump Drops Truth on Senate Border Deal: Don’t Be Stupid!

Former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social on Monday to express his strong opposition to the proposed border deal announced by Senate negotiators. Trump called the bill a “horrendous Border Bill” and criticized it as a “great gift to the Democrats” and a “Death Wish for The Republican Party.” He argued that the bill absolves the Democrats of their responsibility for the immigration and border crisis and places it squarely on the shoulders of Republicans.

Trump emphasized the need for a separate Border and Immigration Bill that is not tied to foreign aid. He urged Republicans not to be “STUPID” and to hold the Democrats accountable for the broken immigration and border situation. In typical Trump fashion, he ended his post with a rallying cry to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

House Speaker Mike Johnson echoed Trump’s sentiments and vowed that the bill would not be considered in its current form. He argued that the bill is even worse than expected and will not end the border catastrophe created by President Biden. Johnson cited a statement from a lead Democrat negotiator that “the border never closes” under this legislation, further underscoring his rejection of the bill.

The $118.3 billion package includes significant allocations for military aid to Ukraine and military support for Israel. It also sets aside funds for victims of global crises, including Palestinians. Furthermore, the bill includes provisions for increased border enforcement, such as more border agents and detention facilities. However, many Republicans have spoken out against the bill.

The bill introduces a new requirement for claiming asylum, which would mandate that illegal immigrants explain why they could not have sought safety in a different part of their home country. Additionally, the bill creates a pathway to green card eligibility for illegal immigrants through family and employment-based visas over a five-year period.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham urged his colleagues not to rush to judgment on the proposal, stating that if they believe the laws are broken, they need to fix them. However, the overall sentiment among Trump and many Republicans is strong opposition to the proposed border deal.

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Trump Torches Senate’s Border Bill as GOP’s “Death Wish”