Trump Shares Hilarious Meme About His House Speaker Nomination

The House speakership race continued to be intense on day three. As of today, Kevin McCarthy still has not secured the majority of votes needed to become the next speaker. His bid has been met with opposition from several Republican House members.

The motion to adjourn barely made it through the finish line, prolonging the debate and raising the possibility of another media day regarding the negotiations between House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the rebellious Republicans. The rebels forced the House to debate the issue in the last 36 hours, which is more than in the past 18 months, and it is McCarthy's fault.

The anti-McCarthy wing has released a series of candidates, including Byron Donalds, Jim Jordan, and Matt Gaetz. Their main opposition, McCarthy, doesn't have the necessary votes to become the speaker. It's no surprise that these individuals would choose Donald Trump as their candidate. The former president responded to Gaetz's announcement by posting a meme that reportedly featured a former Republican congressman declaring Trump the winner of their "memories wars."

After CNN's Dana Bash called Trump a "loser" on Thursday, a former Republican congressman from Virginia named Denver Riggleman claimed that the former president had won the meme wars.

As the debate over the speakership race continued, Trump posted a picture of himself on social media, which appeared to mock both Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In the image, Trump was seated in the speaker's chair.

Jake Tapper, who is the CNN's chief political correspondent, criticized the image of Trump as the House speaker.

Even though Trump only got one vote in the race for the speakership, his picture was still on the candidate slate. This is enough to make the Left furious.

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