Trump to Axe Birthright Citizenship in 2024: Saving Taxpayers Millions!

Former President Donald Trump has boldly announced that he will eliminate the disastrous policy of birthright citizenship should he regain the White House in 2024. This policy is a complete “magnet” for illegal immigration, as it enables anyone to come and have their child born on American soil, thus automatically receiving citizenship. This law is a contributor to the border crisis, as it incentives illegal immigration, and costs American taxpayers millions of dollars in healthcare and education for foreigners.

President Trump revealed his intentions for securing the border, and on the first day of his term, he will sign an executive order, instructing federal agencies to strictly interpret the law, and ensure that the future children of illegal immigrants will not be eligible for automatic U.S. citizenship. This new policy will serve as a deterrent for more illegal immigrants, encourage the aliens that Joe Biden illegally let into the country, to return home, and reduce the burden on the American taxpayers.

The former president reminds America that our country is among the only ones in the world that awards citizenship to children of non-citizens who trespass onto our soil. This policy leads to “birth tourism.” Thousands of people from all over the world come to America for a few weeks prior to giving birth, in hotels, before returning home with their newborn, who is now a U.S. citizen.

President Trump is bravely taking on this challenge and doing what is best for America. He is taking action against the “birthright citizenship” policy that has gone on for far too long. Significantly, we must remember that the policies of the Democrats led to the current crisis. The Biden administration’s lax attitude has given millions of illegal immigrants an open invitation to cross the border with their pregnant wives and exploit the antiquated law of birthright citizenship.

The Trump administration had attempted to tackle this issue during their tenure, but the Democrats obstructed their efforts. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have illegally entered the United States, and many have given birth to their children. However, President Trump promises to end this ludicrous policy immediately, reducing the burden of the American taxpayers, and ultimately restoring the reputation of the country as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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