Trump Unleashes Fundraising Juggernaut in Blue State, Biden Stunned

The former president, Donald Trump, is once again proving that he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fundraising. In the traditionally Democratic state of Minnesota, Trump’s campaign has raised an impressive $553,566 since the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s campaign has only managed to gather approximately $391,867. It’s clear that Trump is outperforming Biden on the fundraising front.

Not only is Trump raising more money in Minnesota, but he also has almost three times as many unique donors as Biden. With 1,317 contributors compared to Biden’s 466, it’s clear that Trump has a passionate base of supporters in the state. And what’s interesting is that Trump’s fundraising efforts have been more grassroots, with smaller donations from a larger group of people. Biden, on the other hand, has relied on a smaller group of large-dollar donors.

Biden’s fundraising in Minnesota has been propped up by a few big spenders. Fifty-eight Minnesotans donated the maximum amount of $3,300 to Biden’s campaign, making up nearly half of his total fundraising in the state. Meanwhile, only eight Minnesotans donated the maximum amount to Trump’s campaign, accounting for less than 5% of his total fundraising in the state. It’s clear that Trump’s support is wider and more diverse.

In terms of the average donation, Trump’s campaign received $44, whereas Biden’s campaign received $380. The median donations for Trump and Biden were $22 and $100, respectively. It’s clear that Trump’s supporters are opening up their wallets to him, even if it’s just a few dollars at a time.

This fundraising success for Trump comes at a time when Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting. A recent Gallup poll showed an 11-point decline in Biden’s approval rating among Democrats in just one month. His approval rating among his own party has fallen from 90% in August to 79% in September. This sharp drop among Democrats should be concerning for the Biden administration, especially since presidents usually enjoy strong support from their own party, especially in their first term.

The decline in Biden’s approval rating can likely be attributed to his administration’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, rising inflation, and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. These issues have caused concern among Democrats and are contributing to the overall decline in Biden’s approval rating.

While fluctuations in presidential approval ratings are not uncommon, the speed and magnitude of Biden’s decline should be worrisome for Democrats. It’s clear that the Biden administration needs to take note of his dwindling support, both within his party and across the country. With the 2024 elections on the horizon, Biden needs to find a way to revitalize his base of supporters if he wants to have a chance at reelection.

And while Biden is losing support, Trump is once again gaining ground. According to the latest RCP average, Trump is now leading Biden in the polls by a narrow margin of 0.4 percentage points. Trump is becoming a favorite to win the presidency once again, and it’s clear that his fundraising success in Minnesota is just the beginning. As the saying goes, “Money talks,” and it seems like Trump’s supporters are speaking loud and clear with their wallets.

Written by Staff Reports

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