Trump Unveils Truth Behind Russia Hoax: It’s the American People Who Suffer!

Former President Donald Trump wrote a powerful op-ed in Newsweek addressing the Russia collusion hoax and the injustices he faced during his presidency. Trump emphasizes that the real victims in this whole ordeal were the American people. He believes that the Russia hoax was the most atrocious weaponization of the government in American history, a crime like no other.

Trump reminds readers of the promises he made during his campaign, including stopping mass illegal immigration, ending globalist trade deals, getting tougher on China, fighting against the deep state and the biased media, and breaking the addiction to endless foreign wars. These promises threatened the entrenched interests of the Washington establishment, leading to their concerted efforts to prevent his election and overthrow his presidency.

Throughout his term, Trump faced spying, FISA abuse, the Steele dossier, and the Russia-collusion conspiracy. He argues that these actions not only harmed him, his family, and his staff but also undermined American democracy, threatened national security, and endangered freedom.

One of the most dangerous consequences of this attempt to remove him from power, according to Trump, is the weaponization of law enforcement against political enemies and interference in future elections. He warns that agencies like the FBI are interfering in the 2024 election before our very eyes.

Regardless of one’s opinion of Trump, his article sheds light on the dark side of the Left and their willingness to discard principles for the sake of maintaining power. Trump calls for accountability and urges voters to choose whether they will allow the Deep State to destroy America or if they will destroy the Deep State.

In his op-ed, Trump expresses his determination to fight for the American people and defend the principles he believes in. Regardless of one’s political affiliation, his words should be taken seriously and serve as a call to action for all Americans to uphold the values of democracy and freedom.

Written by Staff Reports

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