Trump Visits NYC Store, Advocates Guns for Self-Defense Amid Crime Wave

Former President Donald Trump visited a convenience store in New York City to talk with the store owner about the high crime rate in the area and how he plans to address it. During the visit, Mr. Trump expressed his support for allowing store owners to have guns for self-defense, stating that it would help prevent robberies and protect the business owners. He also discussed a previous incident when a clerk at the store defended himself against an attacker and was later accused of murder, but the case was ultimately dismissed.

Mr. Trump emphasized the need to give police back their authority and expressed his commitment to tackling the rise in crime in New York City. He also mentioned his love for the city and his plans to “straighten New York out.”

The visit occurred while Mr. Trump was facing a trial in Manhattan related to alleged falsifying business records. His lawyers maintained that the payments in question were legal expenses and not part of a cover-up.

The former president’s visit to the convenience store highlighted his focus on addressing crime and supporting small business owners in New York City.

Written by Staff Reports

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