Trump’s Chat With Tucker Breaks Record, Scores 114M Astonished Viewers!

President Donald Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson was an absolute hit, racking up an impressive 114 million views, according to Twitter’s view counter. The interview was posted just five minutes before the GOP primary debate in Milwaukee, and within twenty short minutes, it already had 33 million views. Talk about getting the party started!

In the interview, Trump explained his decision to skip the debate by stating that the polls have shown him leading by a landslide. With a 50 to 60 point lead over his competitors, Trump asked why he would subject himself to being harassed by candidates who have zero chance of winning the presidency. Smart move, Mr. President. Why waste your valuable time on people who don’t even stand a chance?

Susie Wiles, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, praised the interview as a stark contrast to the canned sound bites and platitudes from the debate stage. She declared that the interview showcased President Trump engaging in thoughtful policy discussions about his second term, while the other candidates delivered forgettable performances. It’s clear that President Trump won the evening, hands down.

During the interview, Trump referred to Joe Biden as a “Manchurian candidate” who is compromised by China. He accused Biden of being both incompetent and corrupt, and even suggested that China knows a lot about Biden’s questionable financial dealings. Trump also highlighted China’s military installations in Cuba, which has caused unrest among the Cuban population in Miami. It’s refreshing to see President Trump fearlessly address these important issues and not shy away from calling out Biden’s failures.

In true Trump fashion, the President also made it clear that he believes the indictments against him are nothing but “bull**t.” He expressed frustration with the ongoing investigations and dismissed them as trivia and nonsense. It’s no surprise that Trump is fed up with the constant attacks on his presidency. The American people are smart and can see through the unfounded accusations. Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. President!

Overall, President Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson was a smashing success, drawing in millions of viewers and providing a platform for him to discuss his policies and call out his opponents. It’s a clear reminder that Trump is the leader who can truly Make America Great Again.

Written by Staff Reports

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