Trump’s Legal Eagles Slam Biden’s DOJ with Rapid-Fire Dismissal Motions!

The legal battle between the Trump legal team and the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has escalated, with Trump's attorneys filing multiple motions urging a U.S. District Court Judge to dismiss the DOJ's prosecution against the former president. The crux of their argument revolves around allegations of selective and vindictive prosecution, constitutional violations, and an attempt to breach presidential immunity.

Trump's legal team contends that the Biden administration targeted Trump with a vindictive agenda, accusing them of abusing their authority and violating constitutional protections. This marks the latest in a series of efforts by Trump's legal team to have the lawsuit thrown out.

The multifaceted argument includes claims of constitutional, statutory, and selective prosecution, as well as a reliance on presidential immunity. In their recent filings on November 22, Trump's attorneys emphasized constitutional provisions such as double jeopardy, free speech, and due process. They also presented what they allege as evidence of selective prosecution orchestrated by Joe Biden, positioning Trump as a victim of an attempt to censor dissent and criminalize opposition to approved narratives.

Central to the legal dispute is the interpretation of the First Amendment. Trump's legal team argues that parts of the indictment clash with constitutionally protected political speech. However, the DOJ counters, asserting that the charges pertain to allegedly false and misleading speech not shielded by the First Amendment. They further argue that Trump's previous Senate trial acquittal does not preclude criminal prosecution and dismiss the reliance on the Double Jeopardy Clause as baseless.

The Trump legal team has additionally accused Special Counsel Jack Smith and the Biden administration of engaging in selective and vindictive prosecution. They suggest that Smith acted as a proxy for President Biden, alleging that the DOJ was influenced to target Trump, raising concerns about potential charges against Biden by another Special Counsel. These allegations contribute to a perception that the Biden administration is leveraging its power to target political adversaries.

The DOJ dismisses these accusations as "conspiratorial narratives" lacking concrete evidence. They argue that the indictment is solely based on facts and the law. However, concerns about potential bias from the presiding judge raise questions about the fairness of the ruling and the potential for it to be viewed as election interference.

Editorial Opinion: The situation underscores a perceived effort by the Biden administration to persecute Trump based on vindictiveness and political bias. The legal motions filed by Trump's team shed light on what they argue are unfair and unconstitutional actions by the Justice Department. Dismissing this case is crucial to safeguard the rights of all Americans to free speech and due process. The Biden administration must not be allowed to misuse its authority and criminalize political adversaries. This appears to be a direct interference with the 2024 presidential race and poses a threat to democracy. It's time for the truth to prevail and justice to be served.

Written by Staff Reports

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