Trump’s Nightmare: Inside his ‘Terrible Experience’ at Fulton Jail

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he felt “very uncomfortable” upon being arrested at an Atlanta jail on August 24. He was charged with multiple counts, including racketeering and conspiracy. After surrendering to authorities, Trump was released on a $200,000 bond.

Trump's mugshot and fingerprints were taken during his incarceration, which the candidate claimed was the first time he had ever experienced. He also noted that he had been indicted multiple times before. In his bizarre manner, Trump said that the authorities wanted to “try and wear” him out.

Trump claimed that the authorities did treat him nicely, but he referred to his arrest as a sad day for the country. He also accused the Department of Justice of being weaponized. It had been the first instance in US history where a former president had his mugshot taken.

After leaving the Sheriff's Office, Trump returned to his Twitter account and posted a defiant message. His mugshot was included in the post, which received a lot of attention. Most of his co-defendants were released on bond, except Harrison Floyd, who is still in jail without bail. Trump claimed that his other co-defendants are going through a tough time due to the indictments.

Written by Staff Reports

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