Trump’s RAMPAGE Against McConnell Getting Widespread Criticism

On his Truth Social website, Donald Trump asked Mitch McConnell a lot of questions about supporting a bill that would fund the government for a while, all while adding trillions in debt to our nation.

Trump asked if McConnell was supporting the various trillions of dollars worth of Democrat-sponsored bills without even having a chance to negotiate. He also claimed that the Senate Majority Leader hated Donald Trump, and he was doing it because he believed in the Green New Deal.

He concluded his post by saying that both of these reasons are unacceptable, and he urged McConnell to seek advice from his wife, Coco Chow.

The former president criticized McConnel for acting out of spite for Trump, as his relationship with the president is not strong enough to prevent him from doing so. However, by supporting the stopgap spending bill, he showed that he had abandoned his duty.

The post, which was made on his Truth Social website in a state of anger, drew criticism from both parties. Many of them noted that Trump went too far with his threats. Some also said that the Republican Party was in a strategic period because it was leading in the polls.

Some Republicans also noted that the party did not need the Democrats to pick on again, as both of them were only contributing to the division within the party. They claimed that the two politicians should get back to talking about their issues.

In addition, the leadership fund of McConnell has been supporting various candidates, including those who previously supported McConnel. Some of these candidates also said that they would like to replace McConnel as the leader of the party.

Since McConnel did not respond to Trump's latest attack, it is highly unlikely that he will. The former president and his allies need to win in the upcoming elections to maintain their position within the Republican Party.

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