Trump’s Thunderous Texas Endorsement Shakes Up ‘Meek RINO’ House Race

In a significant move, former President Donald Trump has announced his endorsement for David Covey, who is running for the speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. Trump made the announcement on Truth Social, expressing his support for Covey over Dade Phelan, the current Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. Trump criticized Phelan for leading the “Fraudulent Impeachment” of Attorney General Ken Paxton, who was recently re-elected in a landslide.

Trump praised Covey as an America First Conservative who will prioritize securing the border, restoring election integrity, protecting families and military veterans, and defending the Second Amendment. He also mentioned that despite Phelan previously pledging his support to his presidential campaign, Trump could not forgive his involvement in trying to remove Paxton through the impeachment trial.

This is not the first time Trump has criticized Phelan. Last year, he referred to Phelan’s leadership in the State House as “weak RINO leadership,” earning the disapproval of the former president. In response to Trump’s endorsement, Phelan defended his stance, claiming to have voted for Trump twice and planning to vote for him a third time. He also accused his opponents of seeking Trump’s endorsement as a means of retaliation against him for holding public officials accountable.

However, Trump remained unimpressed with Phelan’s claims and declared his full and complete endorsement of David Covey for Texas’ 21st State House District. According to Trump, Covey is a trustworthy candidate who will never disappoint.

The impeachment trial of Ken Paxton, which Phelan played a role in, revolved around multiple allegations of crimes and abuses of office. Despite being suspended by the Texas House of Representatives, Paxton was eventually acquitted of all charges by the Texas Senate. In a statement following his acquittal, Paxton criticized the impeachment process as a weaponization of political differences, labeling it as immoral and corrupt.

Trump’s endorsement of Covey reflects his ongoing involvement in Texas politics and his determination to support candidates who align with his viewpoints. The endorsement is expected to play a significant role in influencing voters’ decisions in Texas’ upcoming elections.

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