Trump’s Wisdom: Ditching Masters for a Stronger GOP Senate Candidate

In a stunning revelation, it has been reported that former President Donald J. Trump reached out to Blake Masters, a failed candidate for the Arizona Senate, to express his doubts about Masters’ chances of winning a primary against the formidable Kari Lake. Trump, always the wise political strategist, knows a thing or two about winning, and he clearly sees that Masters doesn’t have what it takes to come out on top.

Masters, who lost to Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly in the crucial battleground state last year, had been planning a Senate run. But it seems that Trump has other ideas. Although he hasn’t made a firm decision yet, Trump has hinted in other discussions that Lake may not even choose to run. Smart move, Mr. President!

The New York Times, of course, couldn’t help but indulge in its typical anti-Trump bias. They pointed out that Trump has been cautious in endorsing Republican Senate candidates this time around, unlike in the past, when he fearlessly backed candidates who went on to win. But what they fail to mention is that Trump knows the importance of strategic endorsements and is simply exercising caution to ensure the best outcome for Republican leaders. Unlike the Times, Trump cares about the success of his party.

Lake herself has thrown her hat in the ring, proclaiming that she is “strongly considering” a Senate run and pledging her loyalty to Trump. Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County is also in the race, making it clear that the competition will be fierce. But Masters, in his infinite wisdom, believes that another “bloody” primary would harm the party’s chances of victory. He’s absolutely right. The Republican Party needs a unifying candidate who can fundraise and campaign effectively, not someone who couldn’t even win a race in 2022.

Trump has long held doubts about Masters’ ability as a candidate, and he’s not alone in that sentiment. Associates have described him as a “bad candidate” in the past. It’s clear that Masters lacks the qualities needed to win a tough race, and Trump, with his keen eye for talent, sees that.

Both Lake and Masters have openly supported Trump’s claims of election fraud in the 2020 election. In fact, Lake went as far as urging all GOP candidates to suspend their campaigns and rally behind Trump, calling the Department of Justice’s investigation into the former president an “injustice.” It’s refreshing to see candidates who are willing to stand up for the truth and support the man who truly wants to save this great country.

In conclusion, Trump’s skepticism about Masters’ chances is well-placed. Lake is a strong contender, and the Republican Party needs someone who can rise to the occasion. Trump understands this, and his guidance will surely lead to the best ultimate outcome for the GOP. Let’s hope Masters takes the hint and saves himself from another embarrassing defeat.

Written by Staff Reports

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