Vegas Shooter Stopped Cold: Gun Jams as Brave Guard Fights Back on Video!

In a dramatic incident caught on video, Las Vegas police report that an active shooter at Turnberry Towers was quickly stopped by a brave security guard. The suspect, Andrew Warrender, entered the residential high-rise complex carrying a rifle and fired a single shot at the security guard before his rifle malfunctioned. The guard, showing incredible bravery, returned fire and shot Warrender several times, preventing further harm to innocent individuals.

This heroic security guard’s quick action saved lives and showed the importance of armed protection in dangerous situations. It is a clear example of why responsible gun ownership and trained security personnel are vital for public safety. The guard demonstrated tremendous courage and used necessary force to protect innocent citizens.

Warrender’s motive for the shooting is still unknown, but witnesses described him as socially awkward and stated that his behavior was out of the ordinary. The valet driver who interacted with Warrender prior to the incident noted his silence and blank stare, indicating that something was amiss. It is concerning that someone with an apparent mental or emotional issue was able to obtain a firearm.

The fact that Warrender’s rifle malfunctioned likely saved many lives. It is a reminder that even in the hands of criminals, guns can be unreliable and even work against them. This should serve as a counterargument to those who advocate for stricter gun control measures as a solution to prevent mass shootings. Responsible individuals, such as this security guard, are the real heroes who can effectively stop these tragedies.

It is unfortunate that Warrender missed his court appearance due to a medical issue, as it would have provided an opportunity for authorities to gain more information about his motives. However, his stable condition after surgery means that he will still face justice.

This incident highlights the importance of ensuring public safety, particularly in places where people gather. Having trained security guards, armed and ready to respond, is crucial for preventing and stopping acts of violence. It is a testament to the need for individual freedoms and the ability for citizens to defend themselves when their lives are threatened.

Written by Staff Reports

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