Warren Warps Reality, Blames Israel, Ignores Hamas Terror

Can you believe the nerve of Senator Elizabeth Warren? One Twitter user swears they don’t follow her, but somehow, a shocking statement managed to infiltrate their feed. The tweet in question accuses Prime Minister Netanyahu and his right-wing government of failing to secure the release of hostages and claims they have killed nearly 30,000 Palestinians. What’s missing from this narrative, you may ask? Oh, just any acknowledgment of Hamas’ role in the ongoing conflict. It’s downright despicable!

The Twitter user made an effort to be fair by reviewing Warren’s entire feed for a broader context, but what they found was appalling. Out of the six tweets mentioning the Israel/Hamas conflict, every single one either criticized Israel or implied the need to limit US aid to Israel. Not once did Warren mention Hamas’ violence or criticize their actions. It’s as if they were conveniently absent from her narrative.

Warren’s misleading tweet also regurgitates false statistics, conveniently sourced from Hamas-controlled entities. She fails to recognize Israel’s efforts to minimize civilian casualties in the face of Hamas’ intentional targeting of innocent civilians. The truth is, Israel did not ask for this fight and would gladly end the war if Hamas agreed to stop trying to annihilate them. Yet, in Warren’s world, Israel is the villain.

And to top it all off, Warren calls for advancing peace through a two-state solution, completely disregarding Hamas’ rejection of such a solution and its commitment to annihilate Israel. It’s either a deliberate inversion of morality or a display of profound ignorance. Neither of which reflects well on her at all.

Thankfully, there are Democratic Senators like Fetterman who understand the true nature of the conflict and aren’t afraid to speak the truth. It’s time for people to see through the twisted narratives and stand with Israel as they defend themselves against these attacks.

Written by Staff Reports

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