Whitewash Alert: Biden Spins Israeli Strike, Snubs Justice for Aid Workers

In a stunning display of liberal bias, the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, held a press briefing to spin the phone call between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The call comes after the tragic incident where Israeli airstrikes killed seven international aid workers, drawing condemnation from the international community.

The Biden administration is tiptoeing around the issue, trying to downplay the severity of the situation and gloss over the fact that these airstrikes resulted in the deaths of innocent humanitarian workers. Instead of holding Israel accountable for their actions, they’re choosing to prioritize their cozy relationship with Netanyahu over standing up for what’s right.


It’s clear that the Biden administration is more concerned with playing nice with world leaders than standing up for justice and human rights. This is just another example of their weak foreign policy and lack of a backbone when it comes to holding our allies accountable for their actions. It’s no wonder the international community doesn’t take us seriously anymore.

It’s time for the American people to see through the smoke and mirrors and demand that our leaders prioritize justice and morality over political alliances. The Biden administration needs to step up and show some real leadership on the world stage, instead of cowering in the shadow of their so-called allies.

Written by Staff Reports

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