25 States Sue Biden Admin to Block EPA Vehicle Emissions Rule

In a move that would save the American economy from impending doom, a coalition of 25 states led by Kentucky is taking a stand against the Biden administration’s overreach by suing to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) emissions rule for vehicle manufacturers. The states argue that the EPA’s rule, which aims to enforce “Multi-Pollutant Emissions Standards for Model Years 2027 and Later Light-Duty and Medium-Duty Vehicles,” goes beyond its legal authority and is essentially a power grab by the federal government.

The lawsuit contends that the EPA’s rule imposes unrealistic and unworkable emissions standards on car manufacturers, essentially strong-arming them into producing more electric vehicles (EVs). The Biden administration’s goal is for nearly 70% of cars available for sale within 10 years to be electric, despite the fact that the U.S. lacks the necessary infrastructure to support such a massive shift. Not to mention, the majority of Americans have shown little interest in purchasing EVs, with last year’s EV sales accounting for only 8.4% of total vehicle sales, even with millions in federal rebates and subsidies offered.

The coalition of states argues that forcing a swift transition to EVs would have disastrous consequences for the American economy, including threatening jobs, raising prices, and undermining the reliability of the electric grid. Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman minced no words, stating that the Biden administration is willing to sacrifice the American auto industry and its workers in pursuit of a radical green agenda. With demand for EVs on the decline and the financial burden of historic inflation, the coalition sees the administration’s green push as not only unrealistic but also harmful to the American people.

The lawsuit was filed amidst growing public sentiment against the Biden administration’s electric vehicle mandate, with 50% of likely voters surveyed expressing the need for the administration to reduce its electric vehicle sales target. Additionally, more than 4,000 dealerships from every state wrote to President Biden, asking for a reevaluation of his proposed EV mandate. Despite receiving no response, over 5,000 dealers followed up with a second letter, urging the president to reconsider. This overwhelming opposition from voters and businesses alike underscores the unpopularity and impracticality of the administration’s electric vehicle agenda.

Furthermore, the EPA’s rule comes at a time when car manufacturers are already facing financial challenges, with Ford Motor Company and Tesla suffering significant losses in their EV ventures. Ford is projected to lose billions of dollars this year, while Tesla is cutting its global workforce and experiencing a decline in stock price. Even GM has had to backtrack on its EV production plans, revealing the fragility and uncertainty of the electric vehicle market.

The coalition of states, joined by attorneys general from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, and more, stands firm in their legal challenge against the Biden administration’s overreach in the electric vehicle sector. Their lawsuit is a testament to the shared concern over the detrimental impact of the proposed emissions rule on the American economy and the freedom of the states to regulate their own industries.

Written by Staff Reports

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