49ers Star’s Mom Shuns Taylor Swift: Super Bowl Boycott Looms

In a surprising turn of events, Lisa McCaffrey, the mother of San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, has made a bold declaration ahead of Super Bowl LVIII. According to the New York Post, Lisa has vowed to boycott Taylor Swift songs until the game is history. In a podcast hosted by Olivia Culpo, Lisa made it clear that while she loves Taylor Swift and the relationship between the pop star and her son’s fiancée, they will be taking a hard stance against Swift’s music for the next few days. “If she pops up on the radio station… nope. She’s dead to us this week,” Lisa stated. It seems that Lisa is willing to sacrifice even her beloved Taylor Swift songs for the sake of supporting her son and the 49ers.

On another note, Lisa McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo have apparently secured a suite at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas for the big game, despite initially being uncertain due to the exorbitant cost. According to the New York Post, a suite for the Super Bowl could range anywhere from $800,000 to $2 million. However, Culpo, a Sports Illustrated model, surprised Lisa with the news that she had purchased a suite for her as a birthday gift. This unexpected turn of events means that Lisa will now be able to attend the game in style and comfort.

As for Taylor Swift, her own travel plans may pose a challenge. The Associated Press reports that finding a place to park her private jet in and around Las Vegas could prove difficult due to the high demand for plane parking during both the Super Bowl and the LIV Golf tournament. Swift has a show in Tokyo on Saturday night but is expected to make it to Las Vegas on time for the game. However, her jet may have to be parked at another airport, as there are currently no available spots in Las Vegas.

Overall, it seems that Lisa McCaffrey is fully focused on supporting her son and the San Francisco 49ers in their quest for Super Bowl victory. Her boycott of Taylor Swift songs and the acquisition of a suite for the game demonstrate her commitment to being a loyal and dedicated football mom.

Written by Staff Reports

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