70% of Swing Voters Back Deporting Illegals: Is Biden Listening?

In a recent poll conducted by the Cygnal polling firm, it was revealed that a whopping 70 percent of swing-voting independents are in favor of deporting illegal migrants. The results suggest a strong sentiment among voters that the Biden Administration has failed to address the crisis of illegal immigration, leaving many feeling abandoned and overwhelmed.

Brent Buchanan, the president of Cygnal, emphasized the urgency of the situation, advising Republican candidates to seize upon this widespread support for deportation and distinguish themselves from the ineffectual Democrats. He pointed out that the lackluster handling of the immigration issue by Democrats has allowed it to escalate into a crisis that is impacting the daily lives of voters.

The breakdown of the survey data shows that an overwhelming 61 percent of Republican supporters strongly back the idea of deportations. Even among independents, 40 percent express strong support for deportations, along with 21 percent of Democrats, black voters, and individuals who voted for Biden in 2020. These strong opinions hold significant weight in determining voting behavior, making them a crucial factor for politicians to consider.

The poll also revealed that half of all Democrats, totaling 50 percent, are in favor of deporting illegal immigrants, with 21 percent strongly in support and 29 percent somewhat in favor. This widespread support for deportation cuts across party lines, indicating a broad consensus among the public.

Notably, the growing opposition to both legal and illegal migration aligns with President Joe Biden’s lenient border policies, which have drawn criticism from many quarters. As Republican leaders in the Senate ramp up efforts to address the border crisis, the poll underscores the need for action to curb unchecked migration and its ramifications.

However, support for deportations varies among different demographic groups, with 33 percent of women, 5 percent of women under 55, 34 percent of presidential election voters, and 28 percent of swing voters expressing weaker support. Despite this, a sizeable 32 percent of swing voters still indicate some level of support for deportation, signaling a significant level of concern across the board.

In light of these findings, it is clear that the issue of illegal immigration holds considerable weight in the eyes of the public, and Republican candidates would be wise to take heed of this widespread sentiment as they position themselves for upcoming elections.

Written by Staff Reports

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