Abbott Slams Biden Over New DHS Asylum Rule, Cites Border Security Failures

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has spoken out against President Joe Biden’s latest attempt to address the border crisis. The new proposed rule from the Department of Homeland Security, led by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, aims to apply asylum bars earlier in the immigration process. Governor Abbott argued that this proposal, like other efforts from the Biden administration, fails to solve the crisis that began when Biden took office.

Abbott pointed out that President Biden reversed secure border policies and allowed illegal immigration to soar. The governor warned of the consequences of this action, claiming that known terrorists, murderers, and rapists have entered the country as a result. He criticized Biden’s attempt to address the crisis as a minimal action to conceal the problems he created.

The governor highlighted that Biden’s proposals do not effectively slow illegal immigration, as they fail to enforce laws already in place. Abbott emphasized that Biden is authorized and required to deny illegal entry, detain illegal immigrants, and build border barriers, yet he has not taken these steps. Abbott also criticized Biden for criticizing Texas for taking action against illegal immigration, stating that Texas has managed to reduce illegal immigration through its own efforts.

Governor Abbott praised Texas’s Operation Lone Star, which has led to a decrease in illegal immigration in the state. He called on President Biden to follow Texas’s lead in enforcing border security or to step aside.

Written by Staff Reports

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