Abbott Slams NYC’s $53M Migrant “Gift” Cards Fiasco!

In a recent appearance on Sunday Morning Futures, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) didn't hold back his criticism of New York City's approach to migrants. Abbott strongly condemned the city's decision to issue pre-paid credit cards to migrants for purchasing food and baby supplies, deeming it as "offensive" and perhaps the "most reprehensible thing" he's witnessed in the past 48 hours. Abbott attributed the root cause of the issue to President Joe Biden's lenient border policies, which he believes have led to a significant influx of migrants across the nation.

New York City's initiative to provide 500 families at the Roosevelt Hotel with pre-paid credit cards, amounting to a staggering $53 million in a pilot program, has drawn disapproval from Abbott and fellow conservatives. Families of four are set to receive $1,000 every 28 days. Despite Mayor Eric Adams' spokeswoman, Kayla Mamelak, defending the program's cost-effectiveness and its allowance for families to choose culturally relevant items, Abbott and his allies remain skeptical.

The program, designed to replace a prior policy costing the city $11 per meal to feed migrants, imposes restrictions by limiting card usage to specific stores. Additionally, migrants must sign affidavits, pledging to utilize the funds solely for food and baby supplies, or risk forfeiting the privilege. Despite these precautions, Abbott and his supporters express concern over potential misuse by migrants.

Governor Abbott's office reports that over 37,600 migrants have been sent to New York City from Texas since August 2022, contributing to the city's influx of more than 157,000 immigrants in the past year. Abbott's frustration aligns with the broader conservative viewpoint on immigration and resource distribution to migrants, often seen as a consequence of the Biden administration's border policies. As the debate persists, it's evident that immigration and the handling of migrants will remain contentious topics for both politicians and citizens alike.





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