ABC Anchor Grills Dem on Hunter Biden Scandal: Will They Finally Face Facts?

In a truly groundbreaking moment, an ABC News anchor had the audacity to question a Democrat about the Hunter Biden IRS scandal. And let’s just say, the response from Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) was as predictable as it was disappointing. Jon Karl of ABC dared to ask Khanna if he was “concerned” about the allegations that political operatives within the IRS were wielding their power to protect Hunter Biden. But instead of addressing the issue head-on, Khanna decided to play partisan politics.

Khanna’s initial response was nothing more than a tired Democratic talking point. He claimed that President Biden had the power to fire David Weiss, the US attorney overseeing the investigation into Hunter Biden, but chose not to. Of course, Khanna conveniently forgot to mention that Weiss was appointed by President Trump and that it’s standard practice for a new president to replace US attorneys. But hey, who needs facts when you have a narrative to push?

Thankfully, Jon Karl wasn’t about to let Khanna off the hook that easily. He pointed out that the IRS whistleblowers had testified that Weiss did not have complete control over the investigation, contradicting Attorney General Merrick Garland’s claims. But Khanna, ever the master of deflection, turned the tables and insisted that if Weiss himself didn’t come forward with complaints, then there was no cause for concern. Well, forgive us for not holding our breath waiting for a government official to admit wrongdoing.

But here’s the kicker: There is a letter from Weiss to Congress that directly contradicts Khanna’s dismissal of the whistleblowers’ claims. The president of Empower Oversight, Tristan Leavitt, shared the letter on Twitter, revealing that Weiss himself admitted that his charging authority is limited and that he has yet to receive special attorney status. In other words, Weiss confirms what the whistleblowers have been saying all along.

So now the question remains, will Representative Khanna finally be concerned? Will he acknowledge the mounting evidence that political interference may have tainted the investigation into Hunter Biden? Or will he continue to protect his party’s interests over the truth? Only time will tell, but if history is any indication, we shouldn’t hold our breath for any self-reflection from the Democrats.

It’s no surprise that when it comes to defending their own, Democrats will do whatever it takes to deflect and dismiss any claims that don’t align with their agenda. But as conservative Americans, it’s our duty to hold them accountable and demand transparency. The Hunter Biden IRS affair is just another example of how the political elites play by their own rules, while hardworking Americans are left wondering if justice will ever be served. It’s time to break through the partisan noise and demand the truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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