ABC Silences Pro-Trump Senator Mid-Interview over SCOTUS Comments!

George Stephanopoulos, the well-known liberal media figure, has once again proven conservatives right about the bias in the establishment media. During an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Stephanopoulos demonstrated his clear bias as he hosted Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance, who is a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump. The interview quickly turned contentious, but it reached a new level of antagonism when Stephanopoulos played a segment from Vance’s podcast interview where he discussed his views on firing mid-level bureaucrats and defying the Supreme Court if necessary.

Stephanopoulos, in an attempt to discredit Vance, asked if it was acceptable for the president to defy the Supreme Court. When Vance tried to explain his viewpoint about the unaccountability of the administrative state, Stephanopoulos continuously interrupted. Eventually, Stephanopoulos dismissed Vance’s argument with a quick summary and abruptly ended the interview. This move by the anchor of a widely watched show is not only atrocious but also reminiscent of Stephanopoulos’ past biased behavior, including his infamous question about contraception during the 2012 GOP primary debate.

The relevance of the Supreme Court question, just like the contraception question back in 2012, is questionable at best. Vance made those comments before he was elected to the Senate, and no one is currently discussing any president defying the Supreme Court. However, Stephanopoulos deliberately brought up the topic to create a trap for a vocal Trump supporter and then misrepresented his answer. This incident further highlights how major media outlets like ABC News continue to push the Democratic agenda and spew lies.

Despite the growing conservative media outlets and the general public’s increasing distrust of the establishment media, figures like Stephanopoulos remain committed to their biased reporting. The interview with Vance clearly shows that little has changed. It is crucial for conservatives to continue fighting against these outlets and their attempts to manipulate public opinion. 

Written by Staff Reports

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